The TechnoKing, The Games of GOATs, and the Grammys in the Age of Zoom

This post was originally made on 3/17/21

Welcome to The Bloch,

Fun stuff in the news to cover so I’m going to jump right in. In a filing with the SEC this week, the CEO and CFO of Tesla have new titles: “TechnoKing of Tesla” and “Master of Coin” respectively (As I mentioned in my first issue, Tesla has started adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet). This move is nothing more than a jab at the SEC, which Elon Musk has made no friend of, and a way to get free publicity, which is Elon’s only marketing strategy. Elon Musk is also married to the electronic music star Grimes who just a few weeks ago sold music as NFTs for over $6M. NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token, and it is basically a way to verify the authenticity of digital items. More on that in a later edition.

In news, or really, not in the news, is the fact that President Joe Biden has not yet done an address to a joint session of Congress. This normally happens at the end of February and it was news a month ago that it would slip to March, but we are not hearing much about it these days. It’s a big break from tradition in my opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts.

In sports this week, the longtime franchise quarterback for the Saints, Drew Brees, has announced his retirement from football. The link has the video of his kids making the announcement, they’re pretty cute. Also, Gronk re-signed with the Bucs (loud footsteps approach…). In my favorite sport of basketball, the Lakers continue to look strong even without Anthony Davis. He will be re-evaluated in the next couple of weeks. The other big story in the league was James Harden passing Larry Bird on the all-time scoring list. That’s huge. And the Brooklyn Nets are straight-up scary right now. Not trying to throw shade at the Jazz, Suns, Clippers, Bucks, or anyone else, but assuming they are at full health, the Nets vs. Lakers seems like destiny for a finals matchup for the ages this year. Hopefully, we get to see the Clippers vs. Lakers showdown this year that we missed last year too.

The Grammy’s went down this past weekend as well. Top story was of course all of the amazing women artists who were recognized, led by none other than Queen B herself. She won her 28th Grammy for “Black Parade” as best R&B performance, and Taylor Swift won album of the year for the third time with “Folklore”. Bravo ladies!

The whole event was done as a kind of zoom event, where the video was strung together from different sources to produce the event instead of the whole thing happening in one large space like it normally does. I thought it was pretty ironic how they highlighted the small music venues when those types of venues have been getting crushed by the Covid regulations that don’t allow them to be open during the pandemic. I feel for everyone trying to make a living in the industries like live music that have been hit, and I feel for everyone who has been personally impacted by Covid in a serious way or whose family has been impacted in a serious way. You are not alone. Much love. One love. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Until next time.




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Brian Bloch

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