Injuries Making it Interesting

Brian Bloch
2 min readJun 30, 2021


This post was originally made on 6/15/21

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I’m stoked to write this letter. It’s time to update my clearly terrible predictions about how the NBA Playoffs were shaping up at the end of May. Back then I had just watched the Clippers lose game 2 to the Mavericks, and Anthony Davis had just led the Lakers to a game 2 victory over the Suns. I went out on a limb and said if the Lakers stayed healthy, they would meet the Nets in the finals.

Obviously, the Lakers did not stay healthy, Anthony Davis left game 4 against the Suns with a groin injury, and the Lakers never recovered. The Suns made quick work of the Nuggets in round 2 also… Devin Booker is absolutely dominating right now.

And now in the East, Kyrie Irving went down with a sprained ankle and James Harden is still out after going down in game 1. With Harden and Irving both out for game 5, and their series against the Bucks tied at 2–2, their season might come to a close. Never say never when Kevin Durant is on the court, but it’s not looking good for them right now.

The Hawks tied their series against the 76ers in a nail-biter, but I expect the 76ers to take the series and move on to play the Bucks, assuming they make it past KD and what is left of the Nets.

After going down 2–0 to the Mavericks and coming back to win in 7 games, the Clippers have now battled back from down 2–0 against the Jazz as well. Now that series is tied 2–2. Kahwi Leonard also left the game with a knee injury last night, so there are some question marks there.

At this point in the playoffs, I’m taking the Suns to go all the way. Partly because Devin Booker has that look in his eye, and partly because it would be great to see Chris Paul win a championship.

In unrelated news, I’ve been working on something big, I can’t wait to tell you about it next week. If you’re interested shoot me a message and I’ll give you a sneak peek. ;)

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