Epic Music Lesson with Justin Waves

Brian Bloch
2 min readMay 20, 2021


This post was originally made on 5/2/21

Welcome to The Bloch,

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend and creative musical magician Justin Waves last week. I just got a new keyboard, and Justin gave me a little lesson in music theory. As we were finishing up we decided to rig up some microphones and press record. The recording starts about 7 seconds in. You can listen to the audio interview at:


We discussed Justin’s background in music, the growth of electronic dance music, the process and path of the artist, and the impacts the internet, streaming, and Covid have had on the music industry. I hope you enjoy listening.

Justin’s track at the very end of this recording is a pre-release of his track “Sun Will Rise” that he gave to me a couple of years back.

You can listen to the final release on Soundcloud here: Sun Will Rise — Justin Waves

Follow Justin and his musical journey here:

Soundcloud (Justin Waves)

Instagram @justinwaves

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